Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do I need a website?

A: In today’s world, if your business does not have a website, it is as if your business did not exist. Today’s modern world is geared more and more to customer convenience. With the advent of search engines and online stores, customers are now enjoying the convenience of shopping at home without the hassle of getting dressed and dealing with traffic and waiting lines. A website can give a shopper the opportunity to gather the information and perhaps purchase the product or service they desire at their leisure. Additionally, with the advent of Social Media, the website can form the center, or “hub” for all your customer activity. Websites can be set up with blogs which will keep your customers informed with up-to-date information. It is for these reasons that a site is very important to your business. Many times it is the first impression the customer has of you, and in many cases, the only impression they will ever receive. Without a site your business misses on an abundance of Internet shoppers, whose numbers grow every single day.

Q: What type of websites does That’s Web Design produce?

A: Websites can generally be divided into two groups:

  • Static – Static sites are sites built almost exclusively with HTML. These sites are “hard coded” and have several disadvantages. One, a static site is not as flexible as a dynamic site (see below). There are things that you can do with a dynamic site that you could never think about in a static site. Two, if you design a site with any elements that are common to each page (a standard website format) and you decide later to make a change to one of those elements, or if you decide you wish to add any elements which will be common to each page, you would need to go in and manually add or change each and every page of the site, thus resulting in a much greater investment of time while increasing the possibility of human error, much of which can go unnoticed until later. Three, static sites generally require more HTML files as it is impossible to duplicate the code without having to have a duplicate file.
  • Dynamic – Dynamic sites are sites built with a programming language. These sites are superior to static sites in that a well designed site will control all common elements through a centralized control, thus allowing you to make such global changes easily and quickly. Not only that, but programming is in many ways self correcting. If a human error does manage to creep in, odds are the website will not function properly, thus forcing the programmer to immediately find the error and fix it. Dynamic sites create HTML “on the fly” meaning that one program file can be used to create an unlimited amount of web pages.

Static sites do have the advantage of having a cheaper initial cost, but we would say that more often than not, dynamic sites are cheaper in the long run. It is for this reason that That’s Web Design only designs dynamic sites.

Q: Do you use available templates and plugins to create your sites?

A: Because all our websites carry a lifetime unconditional satisfaction guarantee, we do not use any prefabricated plugins or templates. All our plugins and templates are custom built to the customer’s specifications.

Q: Will my site automatically rank high in Google?

A: A website does not automatically rank high in Google, or in any other search engine for that matter. In order to rank high in search engines, a site must be optimized. The process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant maintenance in order to keep the website ranking high.

Here at That’s Web Design, we have taken it upon ourselves to create our websites as “Search Engine Friendly”, that is, we create websites that are easily optimized. We also offer our customers the services necessary to boost their website’s ranking and visibility through our many SEO and SEO related services. We will work with you from the start to ensure that the new website we design will rank well using the keywords you and we come up with in our design and planning process.

Additionally, page ranking and visibility are heavily affected by links from third-party sites. We offer services to extend our customers’ Internet presence through the means of Social Media.

Q: I’ve had a website for months. Why am I not getting any visitors?

A: When you create a website, it becomes one of literally billions of sites that are available on the Internet. As a result, it is the exception, not the rule, that starts to get visits simply because it exists. In order for people to see your site, generally traffic must be driven to your site. This now gets into the realm of Internet Marketing. Please contact us to find out how this works.

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